«Раздел 5. Урок 16. Read the sentences and find 5 mistakes. There are a foxes in the forest. I have a orange elephant. What’s this? It’s book. F.Chopin was an composer. My brother is a ...»

Раздел 5.

Урок 16.

Read the sentences and find 5 mistakes.

There are a foxes in the forest.

I have a orange elephant.

What’s this? It’s book.

F.Chopin was an composer.

My brother is a doctor.

I have one a brother and two sisters.

Урок 17.

Mark Twain was …

He was well-known …

One day the literary club …

Before his lecture a club member…

Mark Twain noticed an old man…

He began to tell…

Everybody laughed but …

After the lecture the club member…

He told the famous writer that…

Урок 18.

poarcroscientsitistno mu sciencentistrycianet an tusing velУрок 19.

леденец никогда ученый знак политик

век когда-либо королевский музыкант поэт

перекресток в одиночку древний роман особый

художник приключение умирать публиковать переходить

Урок 21.

Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

Our own town is rich in parks and gardens.

This cathedral is very ancient.

Have you ever been to Trafalgar Square?

This film is worth seeing.

He published the novel in the 19th century.

Can you name his dominant traits? I’m afraid I can’t.

There was a policeman standing at zebra crossing in the street yesterday.

Урок 22.

Переведите слова и запишите.

V -1.Художник, одинокий, свободный, верить, умирать, леденец, роман.

V-2.Поэт, университет, никогда, ученый, публиковать, королевский, приключение.

Дополните разделительные вопросы.

We saw the statue of Peter Pan yesterday, … ?My aunt won’t publish her new poem, …?In was sunny on Monday, …?Bob has been to Madam Tussaud’s Museum, …?I like the capital of England, …?Урок 23.

Продолжи логическую цепочку.

Pablo Picasso John Lennon Charles Darwin Margaret Thatcher

an artist a singer a scientist …

Buckingham Kensington London Hyde

Palace Gardens Zoo …

Дополните разделительные вопросы.

My sister wants to be a writer, …?They went to the ancient town last month,…?Jack can watch TV in the house, …?I have been to Natural History Museum with my friend, …?It will be rainy in autumn, …?Children can swim very well, …?She wrote that book in 1868, …?It will be hot in summer, …?Her friend wants to be a musician, …?We have visited the British museum, …? Раздел 6.

Урок 30.

Use the following words in the sentences: Miss, Mr, Mrs, Doctor, Sir, Madam.

– Can I help you, …?I would like to by a blouse.

He is 20, not married. He is … Brown.

This girl is not married. She is 18. She is … Williams.

- Can I see … Poster?

He has just gone to that shop.

This text is difficult to read, …! (The teacher is a man.)

Урок 31.

dream клетка

a cage разновидность

the kind животное

an animal быть свободным

to be free спасать

to save кролик

a rabbit исчезающий

endangered бороться

to fight насекомое

an insect присоединиться

to join мечта

Урок 34.



Урок 37.

Choose the right variant:

Where … your parents last week?

are c) were

did d) was

Nick … to school every day.

goes c) go

went d) will go

Jane …not bread and milk tomorrow.

did …buy c) does …buy

will …buy d) do …buy

I usually … my mother and my father in the evening.

helped c) help

helps d) will help

My friend … at school last week.

weren’t c) isn’t

didn’t be d) wasn’t

When … your father … the day after tomorrow?

will… get up c) does …get up

did …get up d) do … get up

My toys … in the box yesterday. My brother … them.

aren’t, taked c) wasn’t, took

weren’t, took d) isn’t, takedWho … up in your family? I ….wash, will do c) washes, did

will was, does d) washes, do

They …to the zoo next week.

goes c) go

will go d) went

There … a bookshelf with books in my room.

are c) were

is d) will be

Урок 38.

… was/were … быть

play … played играть

draw drew … …

… wanted … хотеть

meet … met встречать

eat ate … есть

… wrote written …

take took … …

Put the words in the logical order.

Mother – visited – her – I – already – have.

We – a letter – not – written – have.

Has – he – work – finished – not – his.She – Zoological – joined – has – society – just – that.

Drawn – recently – picture – they – have – this.

Урок 39.

draw drew drawn do did done

see saw seen have had had

go went gone buy bought bought

hear heard heard teach taught taught

write wrote written give gave given

to draw a picture

to do homework to play computer games

to watch TV to read a book

to write a letter to play football

to visit your friend

to listen to music

to do English to help your mother

to write a test to watch TV

to go to the cinema to go to the Zoo

to do your homework

Choose the right variant.

Did you see/ Have you seen my book anywhere? I can’t find it.

I have done/ did my homework. Now I can go for a walk.

We didn’t play/ haven’t played football yesterday.

Someone has eaten/ ate all the cakes. I’ll buy some more.

Children have visited/ visited their Granny three days ago.

When did you help/ have you helped your parents about the house?

Name What pet have you got? Who takes care of your pet in your family? How do you take care of your pet?

Урок 41.

Plan.Have you got a pet?

What pet have you got?

What is his name?

How old is your pet?

What colour is your pet?

What do you teach your pet to do?

What can your pet do?

What does your pet like to eat and drink?

Do you play with your pet?

Your pet is clever and nice, isn’t it?

Урок 44.

Put the words in the right order.

Trafalgar – I – never – to – been – Square – have.

Letter – has – Mike – already – that – read.

Has – he – not – aunt – visited – his.

Invited – we – just – have – friends – our.

Have – work – finished – children – already – their.

Урок 45.

Вставьте пропущенные слова в стихотворение.

My dear…

Sleeps in the hat.

The hat is tall,

The cat is …

(cat, small) Little mouse, little mouse

Left her flat for bigger …

There are ten rooms in it.

… can the mouse sit?

(house, where)

I have just watched the interesting film.

You cleaned his teeth.

She has never played piano at home.

He already read fairy tales to my sister.

We bought to her daughter.

Раздел 7.

Урок 53.

fathermot her grand

mo therfami lybro thersis terУрок 55.

мама папа тетя дядя

ладить с кем-то кузен получить письмо племянник

приготовиться муж младший старший (в семье)

старший жена сын семья

сестра племянница бросить мужской

брат дочь женский

Урок 57.

Мы уже прочитали все упражнения.

Вы сыграли в футбол со своими друзьями?

Он только что присоединился к нам.

Я никогда не была в Москве.

Нелли не сделала домашнюю работу. Она не сможет помочь тебе.

Она только что вымыла посуду.

Я помог совей маме. Сейчас я могу идти гулять.

Мы никогда не были в Америке.

Ученики уже записали домашнее задание.

Ты когда-нибудь играл в теннис?

Урок 63.



Урок 65-66.

Put the words in the logical order.

Yesterday – you – a sandwich – make – did?

Like – does – mother – your – to eat – pies?

Your – husband – her – is – elder – aunt – than?

From – sausage – what – made – is?

Now – you – clearing – are – the table?

Урок 67-70.

type of house number of rooms garden neighbourhoodfavourite place in the house Урок 74.

Put the suitable word in the gap:

She has a beautiful … in Pushkin Street. (house, home)

Their grandfather is … than their grandmother. (older, elder)

Her mother is his father’s …. (wife, husband)

My friend is three years … than me. (older, elder)

When do you usually come… ? (home, house)

Butter is made … milk. (from, in)

Have you … been to America? (ever, already)

Раздел 8.


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