«Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку TWO GREAT RIVERS, TWO GREAT NATIONS.Данное мероприятие может быть использовано во внеклассной работе ...»

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку

TWO GREAT RIVERS, TWO GREAT NATIONS.Данное мероприятие может быть использовано во внеклассной работе после изучения темы «How Different The World Is!»

Цели и задачи мероприятия:

Повысить интерес к изучению английского языка.

Познакомить с американским поэтическим наследием и музыкальной культурой.

Познакомить с произведениями русских художников, поэтов, композиторов, посвященных великой русской реке Волге.

Развивать умения работать с аутентичным текстом (читать, переводить, вести поиск нужной информации).

Формировать навыки сотрудничества, коллективного взаимодействия.

Воспитывать ответственность за порученное дело, стремление быстро и качественно его выполнить.

Оформление кабинета:

Карты США и России, выставка работ студентов.

В ходе подготовки и проведения мероприятия был использован метод проекта.

Подготовительный этап.

Инициирование идеи проекта, обсуждение содержания, сроков, последовательности выполнения проектов;

Выбор формы документирования результатов проекта;

Выставка рефератов;

Использование материалов поиска для проведения внеклассного мероприятия.

Основной этап.

Осуществление поиска информации о реке Миссисипи, стихов и песен, посвященных реке в информационной сети Интернет.

Поиск информации о Волге, произведений русских художников, поэтов, композиторов, посвященных великой русской реке (на русском языке).

Выбор ответственных в группах за перевод отобранной информации, постановка задач перед ними.

Осуществление переводов, составление рефератов. Проведение контроля за ходом выполнения работ.

Заключительный этап.

Организация выставки.

Проведение внеклассного мероприятия.

Ход проведения мероприятия.

Teacher: Good afternoon dear friends, it is a great pleasure to welcome you here. Our meeting will have two parts. The first one is a presentation of the Mississippi River. The second one is a quiz called “The Great Russian Volga River”. Some of the Earth’s rivers are closely connected with the destinies of nations.

They are the Seine in France, the Ganges in India, the Mississippi in the USA and the Volga in Russia.

Презентация информации о реке Миссисипи.

T: I’d like to open with a presentation. But first, I’d like to present some new words I think you’ll need them to understand what our guests will tell you.

Source – источник

Branch – приток

Steam – ручей

Width – ширина

Mouth – устье

Flatboats – плоскодонки

Keelboats – плоскодонки

Fiddler – скрипач

Merchant – торговый

Tribe – племя

Выступления студентов

Pupil 1: I’d like to say a few words about the Mississippi. The Mississippi River in the United States is called “the father of waters”. The name Mississippi came from the Indian tribes that live along the famous river. The length of the river is 3950 km; from the source at the Missouri River it is 64200 km. In the Mississippi system there are 250 branches. The Mississippi River with its two main branches, and the Ohio Rivers together touch 31 states and 2 Canadian provinces and cover one-eighth of North America.

P2: Let me give some information on the Mississippi River. The source of the upper Mississippi is considered to be Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota. Here the Mississippi is only a little stream, 10 or 12 feet wide and about two feet deep. The Mississippi varies greatly in width. At its mouth, in Illinois, it is about 1,400 feet wide. From the earliest days until rainroads were built in the western United States, the Mississippi and its branches, carried most of the country’s traffic. Originally the cargo was carried in flatboats and keelboats.

T: There are some poems devoted to the river. Will our “guests” recite these poems to us?

(«Американские» студенты читают стихи)

River Of Mississippi

(It’s a part of a poem)

River of little rivers:

River of rises,

Sometimes subdued

By a roof of ice, descending finally

On your Southward course

To spit

Into the Gulf

And join the wrath

Of larger bodies.

John Gould Fletcher

Down the Mississippi

(It’s a part of poem)

Dull masses of dense green,

The forest, range, their somber platforms:

Between them silently, like a spirit,

The river finds its own mysterious path..John Gould Fletcher

Brown River Smile

(It’s a part of a poem)

The Mississippi, sister of the Ganges,

Main artery of earth in the western world,

Is waiting to become

In the spirit of America, a scared river.Whoever lifts himselfMakes that great brown river smile.

The blood of earth and the blood of man

Course swifter and rejoice when we spiritualize.

Jean Toomer 91932)

T: Many of the cities along the Mississippi are or were centers of various of music: jazz, blues, folk and etc. so the Mississippi River is a river of songs, isn’t it?

P3: Yes, certainly. I think it will be interesting to learn about this. The real true music of the river is any kind of music that you can think of, because so many different kinds of people have been on the river. I would say that probably every race and kind of person in the world has traveled up and down the Mississippi at one time or other. The original migrations were Celtic or Scotch-Irish, so a lot of that music was Scottish-Irish. People very seldom, saw a picture of a flatboat or a keelboat without a fiddler somewhere.

T: Our students found several blues devoted to the river. What does “blues” mean?

Blues are the folk music of American blacks. In the 1960s, simple but expressive forms of the blues became one of the most important influences on the development of popular music. The origin of the blues is poorly documented. The Blues developed in the southern US after the American Civil War. It was influenced by work songs and field hollers, minstrel-show music, church music and the folk and popular music of whites. As a musical style the blues are characterized by expressive pitch inflections.

Here are the words of the song “Mississippi Mud”. It was a hit in 1927.

When the sun goes down, the tide goes out,

The people gather round and they all begin to shout,

“Hey! Hey! Uncle Dud,

It’s a treat to beat your feet, on the Mississippi Mud”.

What a dance do they do!

Lordy, how I’m telling you…

They don’t need to band…

They keep time by clapping their hand…

Just as happy as a cow chewing on a cud,

When the people beat their feet on the

Mississippi Mud.T: I am sure I speak for everyone when I say how grateful we are to our guests. I think we were very impressed by these poems and songs. Thank you very much.

Презентация информации о Волге.

T: Here are students from Russia. They are eager to tell us about the Volga.

P4: The Volga River is called “the mother of water”. It is one of the longest rivers in Europe. The source of the upper Volga lies near a village in the Tver region. The Volga flows into the Caspian Sea. The river has 200 branches and covers one-third of European part of Russia. Thee length of the river is 3500 km. in the 18th century the Volga River was one of the main merchant routes in Russia.

T: Now I would like to invite you to take part in the quiz “The Great Russian Volga River”

Для участия в викторине приглашаются «американские» и «русские» студенты, а также зрители, что способствует активизации их мыслительной деятельности.

Quiz – master1: This is the place that the Russian Volga River first starts. (Показывают иллюстрацию места, где берет начало река Волга).

Quiz – master2: There are a lot of towns along the Volga River. I’ll give you a description of a town and you will guess the name of it.

*It is an industrial center, its defense became one of the most glorious events in the Great Patriotic War. (Волгоград)

*It is an ancient Russian town; it was founded in 1010; the literary careers of L. Trefolev, N. Nekrasov were closely connected with this town; the actor F. Volkov and V. Tereshkova, the first woman cosmonaut lived and worked here. (Ярославль)

*It is a famous river and seaport; the artist Kustodiev was born here; the food industry is developed in this town. (Aстрахань)

*It is an industrial center; aircraft engines are produced in this town; here is a hydroelectric power station near it. (Рыбинск)

*It is an ancient Russian town, it was founded in 1148, it was famous for its watch factory and cheese factory. (Углич)

*It is a river port and a large industrial center; the machine building industry is developed here. (Нижний Новгород)

Quiz – master: Who is the author of this poem?

1. По кремнистому берегу Волги – реки,

Надрываясь, идут бурлаки,

Тяжело им, на каждом шагу устают

И «Дубинушку» тихо поют.

Хоть бы дождь оросил, хоть бы выпала тень

Все бы легче народу неволю терпеть

Все бы легче «Дубинушку» петь.

(Л. Трефолев)

2.Семь тысяч рек, ни в чем нет равных:

И с гор стремящих бурный бег,

И меж полей в изгибах плавных

Текущих вдаль – семь тысяч рек

Она со всех концов собрала –

Больших и малых – до одной,

Что от Валдая до Урала

Избороздили шар земной.

(А. Твардовский)

3. Тогда я думать был готов,

Что не уйду я никогда

С печальных этих берегов,

И не ушел бы никуда –

Когда б, о Волга! Над тобой

Не раздавался этот вой!

(Н. Некрасов)

4. Река священнейшая в мире

Кристальных вод царица, мать!

Дерзну ли я на слабой лире

Тебя, о Волга! Величать

Богиней песни вдохновенной,

Дерзну ли петь, о мать-река,

Как ты, красуяся в теченье

По злату чистого песка,

Несешь земли благословенье.

(Н. Карамзин)

Quiz – master1: The Volga was a source of inspiration for many Russian artists. Looking at some of their paintings we admire the beauty of the countryside around the river. The atmosphere of their paintings is peaceful and romantic. If we look at this paintings we can see boatman dragging a boat. They are very tired. The atmosphere of the painting isn’t peaceful or romantic.

Quiz – master2: Who painted these pictures?

Студентам предлагается назвать авторов следующих полотен: «Вид на Волгу» (Ф. Васильев), «Вечерний звон», «Вечер на Волге», «После дождя», «На веном покое» (И. Левитан), «Печерский монастырь над Нижним Новгородом» (А. Саврасов), «Бурлаки на Волге» (И. Репин).

T: So our meeting is over. Hopefully we have been able to draw poetic pictures of these two rivers. I hope that you will remember the great people who devoted their works to them.

Жюри подводит итоги, награждаются победители.

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